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Nimona is set in a mash-up of time periods, swords and cellphones coexisting in a kingdom peopled by different races to make the story more universal. It follows the adventures of supervillain Ballister Blackheart and his shapeshifter sidekick, Nimona, as they fight the evil Institution.

As the comic progresses, however, it becomes clear that Nimona hasn't been entirely honest about her past. She isn't a girl who shapeshifts into monsters – she's a monster who shapeshifts into girls. Ballister suspects she's a thousand-year-old legendary Beast that laid waste to the land. But because Ballister has come to think of Nimona as a daughter, he's still set on protecting her – whether or not that still makes any sense.

Ballister meets Nimona, and they rob a laboratory.Edit

Nimona begins when Ballister finds Nimona in his laboratory. She wants to work for him, as he's the "biggest name in supervillainy" – Ballister's hesitant about the idea, but when Nimona dehmonstrates she's a shapeshifter Ballister hires her on the spot.

Nimona immediately starts correcting Ballister's new plan (kidnap the King with genetically modified dragons) to include more chaos and bloodshed (kill the King and Sir Goldenloin, crown Ballister the new king, send the dragons to set fire to buildings, and blow up a few buildings on their own.) Ballister, always the pacifist, is quick to assure her that that's not how the supervillain business works – there are still rules and you follow them. Nimona doesn't really understand this, but she credits Ballister enough to leave it be. Ballister explains why he's working against the Institution – he was once an Institution knight-in-training himself, but his former best friend Ambrosius Goldenloin blew up his right arm, the Institution kicked him out for being a cripple, and Goldenloin became the Champion of the Realm, after which Ballister decided the Institution was wrong and became a villain. 

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