Dr. Meredith Blitzmeyer
Blitzmeyer icon
Full Name Dr. Meredith Blitzmeyer
Hair Color Grey
Gender Female
Alliances Neutral
Occupations Scientist (not a witch)


"Ah, I don't watch the news! A waste of time." - Dr. MeredithEdit

Dr. Meredith BlitzmeyerEdit

Dr. Blitzmeyer is an intelligent scientist who occasionally dabbles in magic. Enthusiastic, optimistic, and a little scatter-brained. She's traveled far and seen some things and nothing much fazes her anymore. Very excited about science. Not a witch. (Probably not a witch).


We first see Blitzmeyer at the Science Fair, where she is demonstrating a device that she claims can reconcile magic and science. This device draws on the same power as magic does, a technique that Blitzmeyer learned from far-off sorcerers. This device can interfere with nimona's powers. She claims to have seen selkies, werewolves, and other such creatures in her travels.