Ballister BlackheartEdit

Ballister Blackheart was once a fierce enforcer of the
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law until his best friend betrayed him and blew up his right arm during a joust. His friend hadn't meant to, but the Institution's leader, Mistress Director, decided that Goldenloin should be the post boy for the Institution. Blackheart decided that the Institution was not, in fact, working for the people, but against the people. He follows his own moral code now, which involves working against the Institution and calling their bluff. Although he does so in a manner with the least casualties possible.


Nimona is an impulsive young shapeshifter who aspires to supervillainy and has convinced Lord
Ballister Blackheart to take her on as his squire. While quick-thinking and innovative with her powers, she is disturbingly destructive and rarely gives any thought to consequences. She's trouble. 

Ambrosius GoldenloinEdit

Goldenloin is the kingdom's darling and the figurehead of the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics and is responsible for Ballister's lack of a right  

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 arm - not that he'll ever admit it. He has a very high opinion of himself and is Ballister's fellow hero in training, friend, love interest, archenemy.

The DirectorEdit

The Director is the shadowy figure at the heart of the kingdom's inner workings, and the hand behind many of its darkest dealings. As far as anyone can tell her
name is actually Director. 
 No one knows much about her, and no one really likes her, but it's not her job to be liked. She has work to do and no one had better get in her way. 

Dr. Meredith BlitzmeyerEdit

Enthusiastic, optimistic, and a little scatter-brained.
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She's traveled far and seen some things, nothing much fazes her anymore. Very excited about science. Not a witch. That's what she says, anyway. Magical scientist. (Probably not a witch).