"Killing solves nothing, Nimona. It's vulgar and messy, and if you are going to kill someone, you have to be able to accept responsibility for it." -Ballister BlackheartEdit

Ballister BlackheartEdit

Ballister Blackheart is a supervillain and "mad scientist" working against the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics. Though labelled as a terrorist to the public, Blackheart is actually a pacifist who only wishes to expose the Institution's lies to the people, and be left to do science.

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Blackheart bravely runs away.


Before the events of the comic, Ballister was a knight-in-training at the Institution along with his best friend and secret(ish) boyfriend, Ambrosius Goldenloin. Things changed, however, when the two were pitted against each other in a joust. The Director of the Institution secretly gave Ambrosius a weaponized lance to "prove his worth" as the future champion of the Institution. In the joust, Ballister wins due to Ambrosius not being balanced. Hating to lose, Ambrosius shot Ballister and claimed it was accidental. The shot blew Ballister's right arm off, crippling him and turning the two into enemies. With only one arm, Ballister wasn't able to become a knight – instead, he took the "only other viable career path". Replacing his right arm with a mechanical metal one, Ballister fought against the Institution and was labeled as an enemy of the people, hunted by his old friend and ex, Sir Goldenloin. It's suggested that Ballister became complacent in this role, though, and only fought against the Institution for the sake of opposing it rather than trying to win

At the start of Nimona, Ballister finds Nimona trespassing in his lab and, after a demonstration of her shapeshifting abilities ("I'M A SHARK!"), he is persuaded to hire her as a sidekick. 

Role Edit

Ballister is Nimona's boss, and he proves to be more responsible and mature than Nimona. He tries to remain stern, but quickly finds himself growing very fond of Nimona - although he does not always show it. He clearly values her as much more than an employee, as she serves an almost daughterly role as his loyal yet feisty sidekick. This results in a very good dynamic between the two. For example, he was uncharacteristically concerned when Nimona was shot in the leg with and arrow and told her emphatically not to touch it. He even gave her medical supplies, unbeknownst to him that she can heal easily. At the end of the book, he seemed a quite upset that she had disappeared and has not been able to speak with her since.